“How and why the UK establishment has blocked an easy chance of financial benefits for fuel consumers and cleaner air for everyone”

For decades there has been a simple device that, according to scientists and engineers who have tested it, allows for cuts in pollution with better fuel economy and additional benefits besides.

Unfortunately however, knowledge and use of the device has been suppressed, especially in the UK.

And Fuelspiracy! is a special report that covers:

● Key information about the device in question including its valuable consumer and public health benefits
● How potential use of the device by all fuel consumers has threatened profit losses not only to the oil industry but
also the motor industry
● How famous UK establishment organisations have persuaded people to reject the device by conducting disinformation
campaigns against it based on rigged and faked tests
● And more besides, with the case being supported throughout by comprehensive hard evidence.

Fuelspiracy! Ebook £3. Ebooks will be emailed to you in 0 to 24 hours
Fuelspiracy! Hardcopy report inc. 1st class post within the UK £12, including Ebook at no extra cost

“Having read this report I find myself shocked by how a potential chance of reduced pollution would appear to have been deliberately stifled by UK organisations that I had always believed would be supportive of beneficial technology”

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